Does your septic tank stink?

Your septic tank should not cause you problems, but eventually it will.

You have one of these necessary wonders of technology if you live in a rural or suburban area that has no access to a municipal sewer.

It's a forgotten aspect of most dwellings. But if the system doesn't work properly, a home can lose its value.

When an onsite sewage disposal system does fail, homeowners face a major investment. A complete replacement can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000, so proper maintenance is essential.

This website is for homeowners with existing septic systems and folks building new homes who are interested in taking care of their new septic tank.

After working with septic systems for over 30 years, we have seen how lack of information can be costly, and we hope our experience can save you time and money.

Septic systems function on the principal of bacteria breaking down or eating away solid materials then dispensing the effluent water into a leech field, also called a drain field, to be absorbed into the ground.

Here the effluent is either evaporated by the sunlight or absorbed into the soil where it is naturally filtered before it can reach the underground water table.

Helping the water table and water conservation are important for the health of your system. Water usage should be kept to a minimum.

Septic systems require a certain amount of maintenance to function properly. At a minimum, the tank should be pumped out on a regular basis to prevent the build up of solid materials.

Pumping a system every three to five years keeps the tank free of chemicals that might change the bacterial make-up.
However, no septic system will last forever and usage and time will eventually cause failure.

To extend the life of a system, monitor water usage, fix leaking faucets and toilets, don’t overload the tank with solid materials, such as garbage or the use of garbage disposals if the system was not designed for them, and regularly pump the tank.

Many governments regulate permits, installation, and repairs of onsite septic systems.

Be sure to check with your locality prior to installation or making repairs to your septic tank.

Enjoy our site, and please contact us using the form provided if you have questions!

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